AI Career Agent
Make a smart career move

Have your own artificial intelligent career agent find you the best matching jobs based on skill and company culture.

Your agent presents the few best jobs for you to review. So you don’t have to read through hundreds. Or even worse, risk missing that great job buried under hundreds of uninteresting job descriptions.

Skill match

Your career agent will review the hundreds of skills found in common between your resume and a job description. Using its understanding of language your agent will find, in context, the different ways to express the same idea.

Let’s take an example.

From the job description...

We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences.

Sentence matching in the resume...

My goal is to work with a team committed to designing extraordinary online experiences.

Your agent will know the same idea is being expressed but in different ways. Your agent knows that both sentences are expressing the idea of creating or designing experiences. Not creating teams.

Also, if a job mentions a specific skill, like web developer or sales manager. Your agent knows that these skills contain other skills. For example, a Sales Manager will have “customer” and “product” sub skills.

No tests or quizzes

That’s right. All your agent needs is your resume. No tests, quizzes, or questionnaires.

And, don’t forget, your agent is able to help you build a better resume to get you more interviews.

Anonymous in your job search

Since you’re working with an AI career agent, no human will know you are searching for a new job. You remain anonymous throughout your search.

You are able to plan and study the job market with new understanding and insight gained from artificial intelligent data.

You are only known to a company and its people when you apply.

Get a job now, or later

Your career agent works for you. There is no rush, or hurry or bias shown in trying to get you to take a job. If you have the time, take it, and find the right career move for you.

Or, if you want a job as soon as possible, your career agent will review hundreds of jobs for you making your job search that much faster and accurate.

Chatbot your job search

Yes, your agent has more than just rows in a grid to offer. Click the Chat Now button (after signing in) to help you find jobs and prepare for interviews by just typing your questions.

This chatbot will soon be available in Slack, Facebook, Google, Alexa, and other messaging services.