Chat Examples
What to chat about

The recruiter agent chatbot is available by clicking on the “Chat now” link found on the top right of the application. Soon, your agent will also be available from your messenger chat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Your chatbot is designed to allow you to write naturally to ask questions and view results. You may ask about: jobs searches, job details, apply, save as a favorite, and how to use the application. Please review the following examples.


Note, only the first 12 jobs are shown, ordered by most recent and top score. Please use the application web pages to view more listings.

Job search

“Show me the best jobs.” Will show you the jobs with the best average score (skill + culture / 2).

“Show me the best skill jobs”. Sorted first by skill, then culture match.

“Show me the best culture jobs”. Sorted first by culture match, then skill match.

“Show me jobs with sales, management”. Filtered first for the exact keywords. Then by the best average score.

View jobs

“Show me the first job.” Or “Show me the web developer job”. This displays a summary of the job.

“More information”. When viewing a job, shows contact information. It is better to just apply.

“Apply to this job”. Sends your resume and application the employer.

“Save as a favorite”. Save the job to review later.

“Next” and “Previous”. Navigates through job listing results.

“Back to list”. After viewing a job, you may return to the list.

View favorites and jobs you’ve applied

“View my favorites”. Shows jobs you have saved as a favorite. You may also view details for each job in the list.

“Show me jobs I’ve applied to”. List of jobs you have applied.

Interview preparation

“Help me prepare for the interview”. Will respond with a cheat sheet to help you review before your interview (or during).

Don’t forget to use the web interface to click on concepts and keywords to learn more about each item.