Frequently Asked Questions
What can do for me?

You work with your own artificial intelligent (AI) career agent whose goal is to support you in your job search. Your best interests will be your agent’s first priority.

You will receive suggestions for new jobs based on skill and team culture match.

After you have applied to a job, you will begin to work with real people to ensure your job search continues moving forward to find your next great job.

How does it work? is a next generation app that helps you find your dream job. It employs artificial intelligence to read through jobs for you. Matching for skill and team culture fit.

There are no tests or questionnaires. All you need to do is upload your resume. will read through your resume to understand your skills and interests. Then match you to current job openings. That’s it.

This allows you to spend more time reviewing the few great jobs found for you by your career agent.

You also have a chatbot to work with outside of To learn more, on the menu under Profile, choose Chatbot.

What is a culture match?

Your career agent will predict what teams you will enjoy working with. Many elements are taken into consideration such as your ability to communicate, be productive, and how well you’ll relate to your new team.

What is a skill match?

We look for the different ways hiring teams express the same skill. Then, match to synonyms (in context) found in your resume. You may say ‘design’, and a job description may say ‘create’. Both say the same thing, just in different ways. is also able to discern if you are creating websites, or designing buildings. We match you to the correct career types.

Will people know I’m searching for a new job?

No. You remain anonymous in our system, invisible to employers.

The only scenario where you will be visible is when you apply to a job. Of course, when you apply to a job, you will know the employer and position.

You are visible to our AI career agent who will not share your identity with employers. By working with your AI career agent, you are able to receive customized job recommendations, suggestions to improve your resume and career advice.

There is no need to be visible to employers before you apply. Your career agent will read through all the open jobs, matching you to the few best jobs for you. Ensuring you are not overlook for a job you are qualified for.

You are encouraged to apply to jobs you like. Then, will provide a curated list with highlights of your skills and abilities to the employers you applied with.

Who is my career agent?

Your career agent works for you. There is no rush to find a job on a recruiter’s schedule. If you want to find a job now, that’s great. If you just want to learn more about the job market and change jobs later, that’s also fine.

Since your career agent is an artificial intelligent agent, it is able to use the power machine learning, natural language process, and other abilities to learn more about you, and what interests you. Your agent will read through thousands of jobs without tiring to find your dream job for you.

Why should I use

If you are tired of reading through jobs descriptions trying to find a job you like. not only looks for matching skills but for soft skills, a team culture match. does the same job you would if you spend hundreds of hours reading through jobs postings. Let career agent work for you!

What kind of jobs do you have?

We are growing our job listing daily. Currently, we have tech, medical, sales, marketing, and management careers. As we are adding new career categories every day. You should sign up, and we’ll let you know when we have matches for you.

Where are your jobs?

Currently, our jobs are in SF Bay Area. We will be expanding to Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles next.