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How it works
Create resumes that get interviews

Get noticed by hiring teams when you create a resume that’s a match to their job. Recruiters use specific keywords to search in their resume database systems to find candidates. You will be a match only when you have the exact keywords recruiters are searching for found in your resume.

For example, even something as simple as saying in your resume “I managed a sales team” would not match a search for a sales manager. will compare your resume to a job opening identifying keywords you have and don’t have. And importantly, identify keywords you already have that you could change to be an exact match (i.e. online to web). Here are some examples.

Keywords found...
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JSP
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Web
Missing keywords...
  • agile development
  • communication skills
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • web developer
Suggested keyword changes...
  • onlineweb
  • techniquestechnologies
Speak their language...
  • committedfocused
  • designingcreating
  • extraordinarygreat
  • paradigmstandards

The suggested keyword changes are highlighted in your resume (in orange). The green highlighted words identify suggested changes that would help you talk like the hiring team. For example you might have the phrase “designing extraordinary online experiences”. You could change it to “creating great web experiences”.

From the job description...

We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences.

Sentence matching in the resume...

My goal is to work with a team committed to designing extraordinary online experiences.

Modifying the skill keywords will help you get past the machines and computer systems. While adding conversational words (the green highlights) will help your resume read better to a human recruiter, making it to the short list of candidates.

Most recruiters only spend 10 seconds reviewing a resume. Make every second count!

Interview like you’re already part of the team

Now that you've made it past the computers and have the attention of hiring team and recruiter, you need to convince them that you are the right person for the job.

To help you prepare for conversations and interviews, you’ll notice blue highlighted sentences in the job description that are the best matches to your resume. If you are asked why you are interested in the position; or what are your best matching qualities – the blue sentences are your go to resource.

We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences. He or she will be responsible for working closely with user experience designers to implement rich and exciting online experiences.

When talking, some positive keywords are available to use in comments. For example, “I am passionate about the success of our projects.”

Great conversation starters...
  • excellent
  • exciting
  • passionate
  • success
  • support

Don’t get caught by surprise. Job skill keywords are displayed with their Wikipedia links for your review.

Keywords (click for Wikipedia link)
Artificial intelligent editor

Finally, members of the hiring team will read your resume. Our artificial intelligent editor is able to outline the topics you are trying to present (words outlined in a green box). If a topic is not identified, you might want to write the sentence in a different way to get your point across.

Positive (shown here in green), negative, and corporate jargon words (in blue) are identified to help you make your resume clearer to the reader. For example, instead of saying, “…and make a big impact”. Explain what the impact is. Such as, “…and make successful contributions to new projects.”

Seeking a creative position that will allow me to grow my skills as a leader and Engineer , maximize my potential and make a big impact .
You're ready to go!

Now you’re ready to discuss and interview for your dream job. You may even have more information and be better prepared than the recruiters and some hiring team members you talk with!