Candidate matching made easy with AI
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Your candidates matched with AI
How it works
Explore forms
Create templates to maintain data format standards on your custom designed forms. Combine data from forms to analyze and export data for further review.
Match with AI
Explore mobile
Work offline taking your data with you. Or, enter data on mobile forms. When you’re online simply upload and merge your data.
Chat with your ATS
Explore maps
Map the locations of your organizations. Hunting clubs, public lands, grand areas, and private managed land.
Create engaging emails and text
Explore accounting
Manage invoices, payment plans, and revenue from your managed lands. Track payments and balances due from your organizations you manage.
Visualize and explore your data
  • Import resumes
  • Import jobs
  • Match people to jobs
  • Chat with your AI for ideas
  • Create emails with AI
  • Hire the best
Import resumes from your ATS
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Create templates used in creating data entry forms.
Import jobs from your ATS
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Enter data on or off line. Merge and upload data when your connected again.
Upload mobile data
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No connection, no problem. Work off-line entering observations into your forms. When you’re connected again, upload your data.
Review workflow
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Have data entry forms follow a workflow of peer review. When a form is approved, it becomes part of the larger data set.
Merge data
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Create information from your data. Map columns to aggregate data.
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Bring your data together for one or more organizations. Visualize how your data comes together to inform decisions.